Rohan Patil

Rohan Patil

M.S. Computer Science Student, UCSD

B.Tech. Computer Science & Engineering, IIT Gandhinagar


About Me

Hi! I am Rohan Patil, a Computer Science Graduate student at UC San Diego.

I love to take casual walks and have many times wound up farther than expected, probabaly because I prefer solving questions while walking before doing it in writing. My projects have spanned various topics like Gravitational Waves, Road Transport Networks, COVID-19, NILM on Edge Devices; and I've also coded in various programming languages. If that sounds interesting, you might want to check out my resume.

My current work focuses on development of multiagent systems and their optimization. I am chiefly interested in understanding the thickly veiled link between graph theory, field mathematics, and machine learning.

The real world is an interaction of multiple agents and factors, known and unknown. Hence, I want to develop a framework for large scale multi-agent systems which can be safely deployed along with humans and make an impact on society. I also like taking pictures similar to the background and love to learn new things ranging from dancing to chess.

I am open to talk, discuss or collaborate on projects. So if anyone wants to talk, we can have a coffee.


Get In Touch

You can reach me at

Rohan Patil
Graduate Student
Computer Science Department
University of California, San Diego

You can contact me electronically at my email Copied!rpatil [at] ucsd [dot] edu