Rohan Patil

Rohan Patil

M.S. Computer Science Student, UCSD

B.Tech. Computer Science & Engineering, IIT Gandhinagar


About Me

Hi! I am Rohan Patil, a Computer Science Graduate student at UC San Diego.

I love to take casual walks and have many times wound up farther than expected, probabaly because I prefer solving questions while walking before doing it in writing. My projects have spanned various topics like Gravitational Waves, Road Transport Networks, COVID-19, NILM on Edge Devices; and I've also coded in various programming languages. If that sounds interesting, you might want to check out my resume.

I like making things dumb enough for a computer, though I prefer to work on making computers intelligent. That is the reason why I picked Computer Science. I also like taking pictures similar to the background and love to learn new things ranging from dancing to chess.

I am open to talk, discuss or collaborate on projects. So if anyone wants to talk, we can have a coffee.


Get In Touch

You can reach me at

Rohan Patil
Graduate Student
Computer Science Department
University of California, San Diego

You can contact me electronically at my email Copied!rpatil [at] ucsd [dot] edu